Arrow Max Swimming Cap

20.00 د.إ

  • Ensures optimum protection to your eyes from harmful chlorine.
  • Perfect for long distance while swimming.
  • Outfitted with a transparent glass for clear visibility under water.
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    Arrow Max Swimming Cap

    This swimming cap is nontoxic and will not become deformed, silicone design and lightweight can make you more comfortable ,durable and elastic.Great flexibility that can be stretched considerably,it’s fits both short and long hair.

    This swim cap has a durable and elastic surface.Thick curved edges wrap your forehead, ear and head tig.Both adults and youths can use it.

    Featuring great elasticity can be stretched easily and not deformation after stretching. Fit for hair styles of all length, such as long hair, shoulder length, thick hair or short hair.

     Available Colors Black
     Size 20 x 19 cm


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