Fountain Transformer, Black, 300W, ASTRO 3OOW

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  • Pumps combine pumping, filtration, oxygen and fountain in one.
  • Made of high quality plastic which is anti corrosive and highly durable.
  • Pumps have excellent insulation as the motor is completely sealed.
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Fountain Transfomer12v ac transfomer

 Colour Black
 Size 20 x 13 x 6.5 cm
 Power 300W

Introducing the Fountain Transformer in sleek Black, boasting a powerful 300W output, the ASTRO 300W. This cutting-edge device redefines the realm of swimming pool accessories, offering unparalleled versatility and performance to pool owners seeking to elevate their aquatic environments.

Crafted with a commitment to excellence, the Fountain Transformer ASTRO 300W is engineered to deliver an awe-inspiring aquatic experience. Its bold black design exudes sophistication and modernity, seamlessly complementing any pool setting with its understated elegance.

Equipped with a robust 300W motor, this transformer packs a punch, effortlessly powering a wide array of water features with precision and efficiency. Whether you desire graceful water jets, dazzling light displays, or dynamic fountain patterns, the ASTRO 300W delivers with unparalleled performance.

With customizable settings and intuitive controls, you have the power to tailor your water features to suit any occasion. Adjust the height and intensity of the water jets, select from a spectrum of vibrant colors for the LED lights, and create captivating patterns that dance across the surface of your pool.

Not only does the Fountain Transformer ASTRO 300W enhance the visual appeal of your pool, but it also serves a practical purpose. By aerating the water, it helps to improve circulation and maintain optimal water quality, ensuring a clean and refreshing swimming environment for you and your guests.

For pool owners in Dubai seeking premium swimming pool accessories, the Fountain Transformer ASTRO 300W is the ultimate choice. Its durable construction and weather-resistant materials are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh climate of the UAE, providing years of reliable performance.

Transform your pool into a mesmerizing oasis of relaxation and entertainment with the Fountain Transformer ASTRO 300W. Elevate your swimming experience and create unforgettable memories with this innovative and stylish addition to your poolside paradise.


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