Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection

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  • Fits most pool vacuum head.
  • 1 1/2-inch extruded hose made of EVA.
  • Includes UV Protection Element, made to Last many Seasons.
  • This hose is only 12m (29.5ft) long. Make sure it is long enough for your Pool.
  • Store in dry and cool place without exposure to sun for longer life spanIntroducing our Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection – the ultimate solution for efficient and durable pool maintenance. Crafted with precision and designed for longevity, this vacuum hose is a must-have for pool owners seeking a reliable and UV-resistant solution to keep their pool water crystal clear and debris-free.The Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection is engineered to withstand the harsh effects of sunlight, ensuring a prolonged lifespan in outdoor pool environments. The UV-resistant material prevents deterioration, cracking, and fading caused by prolonged sun exposure, making it an ideal choice for pool owners who prioritize durability and longevity.

    Installation is a breeze, making this vacuum hose accessible for pool owners of all experience levels. The flexible and kink-resistant design allows for easy maneuverability around the pool, ensuring efficient debris removal from the pool floor. The hose is compatible with most standard pool vacuum heads and skimmers, providing a versatile solution for various pool configurations.

    Versatility is a key feature of this vacuum hose, suitable for use in both in-ground and above-ground pools. The Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection seamlessly integrates into your existing pool maintenance system, offering a reliable and user-friendly solution for pool owners looking to simplify their cleaning routine.

    Durability is at the forefront of our design. The vacuum hose is constructed from high-quality materials that resist the corrosive effects of pool chemicals and the wear and tear of regular use. Its robust build ensures longevity, providing a dependable solution for your pool maintenance needs.

    Safety is a top priority, and the Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection is designed with smooth edges and secure attachment mechanisms to prevent accidental detachment during use. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a vacuum hose that not only cleans efficiently but also prioritizes the safety of your pool and equipment.

    Upgrade your pool maintenance routine with the efficiency and durability of our Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose with UV Protection. Keep your pool water pristine and inviting with this reliable and UV-resistant solution. Order your vacuum hose today and experience the ease of maintaining a sparkling clean pool.


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